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Merchandise financial & assortment planning for modern retail

Merchandise Planning

Centralized Plan and Actuals Data: Single source of truth for all your merchandise financial planning and reporting.

Auto-Actualization: Seamless integrations to your commerce stack to automate actualizations. Save time and avoid costly errors.

Locking and Spreading: Streamline top-down, bottom-up, or middle-out planning by locking, spreading and inverse calculations.

Personalized Layouts: See your data how you want. Create custom views of your metrics, attributes and date ranges for different stakeholders and use cases.

Custom Metrics and Attributes: Define custom attributes and metrics to analyze your business through your unique KPIs.

Dynamic Hierarchy & Aggregation: Roll-up plans and actuals by any of your attributes. Change aggregations on the fly to see roll-ups by channel or by category.

Scenario Playing: Test, implement and track progress against multiple scenarios in a single view.

Plan Snapshot: Create plan snapshots to seamlessly compare your latest forecast to initial company goals.

Plan Seeding: Simplify plan creation by pulling in historical data, builds and ratios across any custom date range.

Assortment Planning


Top-Down / Bottom-Up Reconciliation: Reconcile assortment plan to merchandise plan to identify gaps and manage the deviation from plan.

Rationalization: Leverage depth & width recommendations to prevent SKU proliferation and over-assortment.

Smart Start: Smart start your line planning and wedge building by automatically creating cluster appropriate placeholders.

Seasonal Line Planning

Hindsight: Compare to past assortments and select comparable products to automatically and accurately quantify buys.

PLM Integration: Seamlessly run your adoption process by pulling developed styles from your PLM and easily assigning them to placeholders.

Gallery View: Virtual fashion wall to visualize the assortment over time and make planning changes directly in the gallery view.

Core Replenishment

Forecasting Engine: Automate forecasting and retrending to streamline creating projections, while maintaining ability for overrides, to improve forecasting accuracy.

Promo Planning: Centralize promo calendar and automatically account for discounts and lifts in sales forecasts.

Replenishment: Optimize inventory by recommending ideal receipts to meet the demand plan, while accounting for lead times and inventory policies like safety stock.

Purchase Order Manager

Receipt Consolidation: Consolidate receipts to generate purchase orders, while accounting for minimum order quantities, different freight methods and other supply chain considerations.

MOQ: Ensure minimums are met by pulling forward receipts ensures cost saving from vendors can be maximized.

Purchase Order Management: Manage and approve purchase orders to project the impact on inventory, before final approval is provided to the vendor.


Snapshots: Slice and dice and roll-up assortment by time, product attributes and location attributes to provide a holistic view of the assortment over time.

Advanced Analysis: Track changes on the assortment over time to understand the evolution of the assortment from pre-season to in-season.

Scenario Playing: Seamlessly create different scenarios and compare them to assess the financial implications of each.


Accurate Store Level Demand Forecasts: Leverage AI / ML and statistical forecasting to anticipate demand SKU x Location level demand that incorporates new product launches, promotions and many other inputs.

Intelligent Transfer Order Suggestions: Generate transfer orders based on safety stock targets, replenishment frequency and presentation constraints.

Optimize Inventory Deployment: Our SKU rationing logic ensures that we optimize the placement of your inventory down to the last unit to maximize your sales and inventory turn.

End to End Planning: Plan inventory based on forecasted demand by location with the integration to the item planning module.

Turn-key Integrations: Save time and avoid costly errors by automating transfer order creation in your ERP directly from Toolio.

Store Manager View: Give visibility to your store managers so that they understand when they should expect replenishment by style.

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