Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator

Autor: Touchcast Inc.

Metaverse Car configurator - Hyper-personalized customer experiences

Today’s car buyers already start their buying journey online. But the process is broken when exploring the car of their dreams, configuring it, and making the purchase.

The result? Lost sales, low ROI on expensive configurators, and negative brand perception.

Enter the car configurator of the future.

Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator

The Metaverse Car Configurator combines a digital-first experience with a human concierge to deliver an immersive hyper-personalized customer journey that moves to increased engagement.

Spanning the entire customer journey, from Awareness to Consideration, Purchasing, Support, and Loyalty, the Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator picks up where the competition leaves off, helping you:

1. Boost engagement, increase dwell time and maximize conversion rates by providing the most exhilarating UX with real-time 3D and full-motion surround graphics.

2. Escape the legacy trap and scaffold your existing platforms with a user-friendly, hassle-free experience.

3. Hands the driver's wheel to the customer, allowing them to truly engage with your vehicles.

4. Solves the industry’s “weakest link” - works through any browser – no VR headset required.

5. Bring your brand to life, build authentic relationships with live sales, and support human advisors.

6. Owned by you, the brand - no need to build your metaverse on someone else’s platform.

How is Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator right for me?

Compared to current metaverse offerings, the Touchcast Metaverse Car Configurator boasts numerous advantages:

· Powered by Azure - easy to deploy and securely scale.

· Integration with Microsoft Teams makes training virtual sales associates a breeze and accessible for your customers.

· Easily integrate with your existing back-end systems.

· Owned by you - no need to build your metaverse on someone else’s platform.

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