Digital Workflow

Autor: Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

Rapidly digitize workflows for front-line workers enabling Industry 4.0

Bring AR/MR and IoT to life enabling Industry 4.0!

Quickly create and widely deliver Augmented Reality content and Internet of Things streamings to transform operations, knowledge transfer, and improve profitability. Run on the Microsoft Azure Cloud for global scale and integrates with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for bi-directional communication to IoT assets.

Target audience/industries:

  • Manufacturing - operators on mfg/assembly lines, maintenance, quality checks
  • Utilities - plant inspections, process operators
  • Professional Services - certifications, after-sales support, installations, overhauls
  • Logistics - warehouse smart picking, loading/unloading

Value proposition

Increase worker productivity
  • Deliver guidance to right person at right time
  • Achieve zero-errors / zero-defects
  • Reduce human errors
Simplify knowledge sharing
  • Onboard more-quickly
  • Increase instruction comprehension
  • Reduce travel cost
Differentiate from competitors
  • Make your business more profitable
  • Lift up customer retention
  • Unlock new business model
Assure enterprise visibility and scalability
  • Tighter integration between front-line workers and back-end systems removes hand-written reports and assures data integrity
  • Reduction of development time and ability to reuse organization knowledge and existing content accelerates implementation times, speed-up adoption and reduces maintenance of the final solution

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