A library of parametric packaging models and optimization tools for stacking logistic

A web application and web services that gives access to a full library of parametric models for packaging (Fefco, Ecma...) and a set of stacking optimization tools for packing, palletization and truck or container load.


The Saas Apps plmpacklib is a demonstrator of the open source web platform for packaging ecodesign.

The offer consists in providing a full access to all components of the application:

  • WCF web services,
  • ASP.NET web application,
  • MSI installer for windows server or deployment package for Azure cloud service.
  • a thin desktop client provided with sources for testing purposes,
  • a documentation detailing each method of the web service.
  • optionally, we can provide a developer service for customization.

Business audience

The web services are designed to be integrated in ERP/MIS or PLM solutions to optimize the global packaging system including logistics.

The platform is used by 15000 users over the world and the web services are integrated in 2 ERP/MIS solutions, 8 proprietary management solutions, and 1 PLM solution.

The modules PackLiB and StackBuilder can be use as standalone application.


This application is only available in French and in English.

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