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Empowering further education and vocational providers to optimise the entire student journey.

ebs goes beyond traditional Student Management to change how further education, vocational providers and independent higher education deliver success. It puts the student at the heart, from the start. From streamlining data processes to managing funding streams to teaching and learning ebs is designed to provide a single cohesive view.


ebs improves the way information is collected, collated, analysed, and shared so operations can be streamlined, and student engagement enhanced. Offering real-time digital technologies for reporting and communication, teaching, and learning, ebs empowers staff and students to achieve more successful outcomes.


Optimised student recruitment - Full digital admissions capability saves money and converts more enquiries to enrolment.

Transparent student learning - Track the daily performance of every student with live business intelligence dashboards.

Positive student outcomes - View a live picture of student progress against plan and manage towards positive student outcomes.

Better student retention - Connect all staff and students with a single portal to promote more effective intervention that will help to increase retention rates.

Personalised student experience - Communicate with your students via their preferred communication channel with ebs’ private social networks.

Improved operational performance - Manage performance at all levels of the institution with automated and digital operations that increase efficiencies.

Create engaging and intuitive ILPs – Make your ILP accessible, mobile responsive and intuitive for users. Learners can see the targets they need to complete in one place and clearly see what they have achieved and what goals they have yet to meet.

Powerful timesaving tools – Help staff mark more efficiently, quickly and accurately (on any device) and help learners understand their grades and progress by providing clear, ordered information.


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