Digital Workplace SMART

Autor: Trivadis AG

Digital Workplace Solution - Mobile work as usual without restriction and home office everywhere.

With the Trivadis Digital Workplace SMART, your end-to-end processes become even smarter. This enables you to significantly increase your ROI. With our innovation consulting, we can also show you where your next opportunities lie.

The Trivadis Digital Workplace SMART is the intelligent enhancement of the Trivadis Digital Workplace ADVANCED (based on Office 365) and can be used on all devices. It consists of the following elements which we configure to suit your company’s needs:

    • Collaboration Platform (included in ADVANCED)
    • Corporate Social Network (included in ADVANCED)
    • Intranet with News Portal (included in ADVANCED)
    • Integration of business relevant data and applications (included in ADVANCED)
    • Modernization and automation of end-to-end processes (included in ADVANCED)
    • Interactive Dashboards and Reports (included in ADVANCED)
    • Azure Foundation as a basis for your intelligent solutions
    • Fully automated end-to- end processes enhanced with AI
    • Workspace Automation

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