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TudingBus, Provides you with the full-scale vehicle service solution

Intelligent and efficient Supported by the advanced technology of AI and data-based intelligent matching, TudingBus is specialized at helping our users to quickly find the vehicles corresponding to their expectations, meanwhile providing the most cost-effective vehicle service solutions in limited time. Stable and reliable TudingBus follows a well-established evaluation system, by requiring each newly-registered client and coach company to provide relevant legal registration license, insurance document, and qualification certificate, so as to make sure that the legal rights of users are well protected. Besides, the rating system of our platform presents clearly the credit history of users, while our call center provides you with 24/7 customer service to assist you in all possible emergencies. Smart-dispatching Relying on the advanced algorithm and real-time data source, TudingBus is able to obtain coach availabilities from hundreds of coach companies at any time. The powerful vehicle dispatching system of TudingBus platform can precisely match the vehicle services according to clients' need. In emergencies, we can offer our clients a variety of solutions in urgent cases without any delay.

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