Unicommerce Omnichannel Solution

Autor: Unicommerce eSolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Omnichannel Retail Solution by Unicommerce

Unicommerce provides a centralized and quick cross-channel management dashboard by converging both offline and online sales channels. Right from optimizing logistics costs to enhancing customer journeys with use cases, such as ship from store, ship from warehouse, endless aisle, and more, Unicommerce is the one-stop solution for omnifying the brand’s experience. The solution has been deployed at 2000+ stores already.

The solution provides seamless 160+ integration including 10+ ERP / PoS systems, centralized inventory management, robust order allocation, & Complete automation of services across Online & Offline sales channels. This results in reduced human errors, increased delivery efficiency, & reduced logistics cost.

Deploying Unicommerce's robust omnichannel solution to manage end-to-end processes can bring down the logistics cost.

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