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Synergies Microfinance Solution

Unicore Technologies

Microfinance Solution

Microfinance is about providing financial services to micro-enterprises in emerging economies. It is a reliable tool to eliminate financing traps, to provide alternatives and a savings culture within the local community

SYNERGIES for Microfinance (S4MF) is a dedicated and Microfinance specialized technology solution enables streamline operations, reduces risks and costs, spreads institution products and services to the different communities, directly and indirectly

The solution provides a variety of comprehensive microfinance services, targeting individual entrepreneurs and small & micro businesses; and Group based models, where several entrepreneurs come together to apply for Sharia compliant financing and other services as a group including group centers. The solution is very flexible and enables MFIs to adapt to various models such as: Grameen model, Village Bank model, Credit Union model, Cooperative model and Self-Help Groups

Solution Features

  • Covers all aspects of Microfinance activities from the sources of funds to the actual utilization and allocation of these funds with all the relevant services and products
  • Ensures adequate Sharia compliant financing tool by offering adaptable financing to micro entrepreneurs, based on financial analysis that aims at estimating client’s repayment capacity
  • Provides access to a full range of finance and banking services to MFI clients, through its Omni Channel and Digital Delivery Channel solution
  • Covers the entire spectrum for the needs and poverty analysis, product value chain analysis, MFI business plan, targets & measurements for social, financial and related Sharia impact
  • Micro Finance complete cycle management from sources of funds and the related utilizations and allocation
  • Provides Micro Finance activities such as Accounts, Bill Payment, Person to Person payment, Wallet and Remittances
  • Delivery of the MFI products and services through a comprehensive Omni Channel Solution i.e. Mobile, Internet, Agents, … etc.
  • Micro Finance sources management covering all types and categories of sources of funds such as Investments, Funds and Fixed income securities
  • Provides extensive reporting with drill down facility
  • Investment Opportunities such as: Expanding a Business, Agriculture, Real Estate, Buying Equipment, … etc.
  • Solution for Life-cycle Needs such as Weddings, Funerals, Childbirth and Education
  • Solution for Personal Emergencies such as Sickness, Injury, Unemployment and Theft
  • Solution for Disasters such as Fires and Floods


For more info, contact us at support@lyst-tech.com