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Synergies Wealth Management

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Wealth Management

Challenging markets and regulatory requirements mandate investment banks to streamline its operational efficiency at a lower cost. Surviving and succeeding in these times demands excellence at every point of operation.

Synergies for Investment Banking and Wealth management Framework and Ready-to-Run Solution, i.e. S4WeM, helps you find new ways to excel in today’s complex investment banking environment.

S4WeM empowers financial institutions to assist individuals and corporations in raising financial capital by underwriting or acting as the client's agent in the issuance of securities.

S4WeM covers the complete spectrum of investment banking and wealth management via relevant component verticals handling Investment management, Portfolio management, Fund management, Fund of funds, Multi-family funds, Private equities and Real estate management, Alternative investment management, along with their complete End-to-End life cycle process, such as:

  • Customer relationship management including client on-boarding and KYC
  • Investment evaluation and processing from initiation till fulfillment
  • Product life cycle including product factoring and tuning
  • Deal tracking and processing
  • Fund raising, processing, allocation, and administration
  • Workflow processing within an enterprise BPM
  • Superior Reporting and dashboards, covering: Client reporting, Investment reporting and management dashboards
  • Market and Credit Risk management,
  • Investment valuation, Revenues and returns
  • Settlement and Payment management

Synergies Universal Banking provides a comprehensive and complete coverage enabling financial institution to enter into new businesses confidently, through focused and embedded verticals.

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