Userlane Digital Adoption Suite

Autor: Userlane

Userlane makes software simple via interactive guides, analytics, and on-demand assistance

Eliminate digital friction, cut software waste and increase employee productivity with Userlane’s Digital Adoption Suite
Userlane’s enterprise-tailored digital adoption solutions provide a comprehensive view of the SaaS landscape, give the opportunity to understand the adoption of any internal application, and provide a suite of applications to improve employee productivity in real time.
Userlane's Digital Adoption Suite includes:
App Discovery - a plug-and-play tool giving you visibility into your software landscape:
- Identify which applications are used by employees across your organization and map your SaaS environment, without interaction with end-users.
- Identify redundancies and underutilized licenses.
- Lower risk by identifying “shadow IT”- applications that are not officially authorized.
- Realize cost savings by consolidating software spend and leveraging resources to the applications that need it most.
- Reveal software adoption opportunities quickly.

HEART - Software Adoption Analytics - the world’s first standardized model to monitor value realization across enterprise applications:
- Prioritise areas for improvement in each system.
- Increase software value realization with real usage data.
- Gain visibility into user interaction metrics and usage patterns.
- Measure users adoption in each application

Engagement Suite, which overlays applications to provide users targeted guidance:
- Remove roadblocks and boost employees productivity in each application with real-time guidance
- Promote new features, announce new processes, ask for feedback directly in the application
- Guide your usest step-by-step through any process at the moment when needed
- Leverage built-in AI to create engaging content easy and fast
- Track the performance and engagement of created content to gain insights into user engagement

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