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Manage your team’s paid time off worry-free within Microsoft Teams.

Manage leave and get the visibility you need – right from where you work.

Vacation Tracker is a simple, easy-to-use leave tracking tool that helps growing teams like yours work more effectively, directly from Microsoft Teams. Our leave tracker is designed to help you improve your team efficiency by giving everyone easy access to essential leave information, in one central location. Here’s how we do it.

📝 Seamless integration & setup: There’s no need to sign up -- just log in with your SSO to request, approve, and get informed about upcoming leaves, without ever leaving Teams.

🪄 Customize as you see fit: Group team members into an unlimited number of departments and locations. Enjoy the flexibility of setting custom leave policies, and custom holidays for different team locations. All this, and much more.

⏰ One-click everything: Send a leave request in just one click, and get it approved with another. Teams just getting started with Vacation Tracker love our one-click leave approval – and automatic approval for leave requests that don’t need it.

🔍 Get real-time updates: Gain live insights into everyone’s leave status in one place with the Microsoft Teams Overview and Calendar Tabs, along with daily notifications regarding upcoming absences.

🖥️ At your fingertips: Submitting leave requests, viewing leave balances, and leave approval notifications all happen right inside your workspace. As a result, you get crucial information exactly when and where you need it.

💡 Easy to use: Start a chat with the Vacation Tracker bot and follow the commands. Import both new and old users at the touch of a button. No more complicated onboarding or team training is needed, thanks to our intuitive & user-friendly tool.

🙌 Reduce communication silos: Employees can self-manage leave requests and leave balance tracking – without having to get in touch with management or their supervisor. This way, you spend less time answering questions, and your team is more informed and connected than ever.

These are just some of the reasons why Vacation Tracker is trusted by over 1,500 companies worldwide, including teams from your favorite household brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Adobe, Bell, American Express (and many more!)

Not convinced yet? Here’s what our customers say about us:

“Set it and forget it. New users come on, they get added to Vacation Tracker, and it just works.”

“The ease with which everyone transitioned across to using Vacation Tracker without asking a million questions was impressive!”

“Having easy updates on who’s taking time off, when, has helped our team be more connected than ever.”

But don't just take their word for it -- sign up for our free trial to get full access to all our features.

If you need help, feel free to get in touch with our Helpdesk to learn more or schedule a live demo.

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