Vanti’s Self-Optimizing AI For Industrial Manufacturing

Autor: Vanti Analytics Ltd.

Vanti’s platform is a codeless turnkey solution for optimizing any industrial manufacturing facility

Vanti’s Self-Optimizing AI For Industrial Manufacturing is an end-to-end adaptive AI platform developed exclusively for manufacturers, by manufacturers.

Vanti’s platform leverages your existing data to support increased sustainability and efficiency goals by increasing throughput and reducing defects.

Vanti’s codeless platform allows users to register on their own and begin uploading existing data immediately. The platform uses the data to train production-ready AI models within a single day, providing users with instant insights into their production line. Once trained and deployed, Vanti’s proprietary adaptive AI then automatically maintains the models in production for exponentially longer through constant real-time self-analysis.

Models will regularly inspect both historical and real-time data to discover new and unique correlative relationships between various unique production line values. At any time, should the model discover an opportunity to become more effective or efficient, it will automatically train a new, more effective model, and present it to the user as ready to deploy immediately.

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