Visual Diagnostics


A computer vision solution to remotely extract the vital signs of an individual through video.

Vastmindz leverages artificial intelligence, computer vision and signal processing technology to be able to turn any device with an embedded camera into a non-invasive diagnostic tool. By analysing the video feed of an individual's face, we are able to extract a photoplethysmography signal and consequently analyze this signal to obtain vital sign information about that individual including heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation levels, stress levels and more.


·       Fast and accurate real-time vital signs feedback

·       Easy deployment within existing applications

·       Works on any device with an embedded camera (smartphones are preferred)

·       Choose between vitals to subscribe to (i.e heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, stress levels and others)

Are you looking to integrate innovative remote health & wellness solutions within your workflow or organisation without the need for additional wearable devices? Click “contact me” to request a demo.

We are addressing the growing need for digital healthcare solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has emphasised the need to remotely better assess vital sign deterioration. The entire population would benefit from monitoring their vital signs in a non-invasive, easy-to-use way that leverages regular consumer devices such as a smartphone.

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