Vayoo for Hosts

Autor: Vayoo Intelligence SL

We make Airbnb hosts maximize the income of their properties

Vayoo for Hosts is SaaS for Airbnb hosts

We help rental owners in managing their vacational rental properties enabling them to optimize their rental income. Hosts that use our service have 30% more income than their peers.

How many times have you searched for your apartment and it didn't appear on Airbnb?

We monitor the position of your listing in Airbnb search results every 24 hours using different criteria, so you can always be sure that your property is seen.

Are you missing price opportunities as host because you aren't aware of important events?

Have always the best price. Whenever there is a big event in your area, we will notify you.

Our business model is a monthly subscription to our service, with prices ranging from 9€ to 16€. We have a web and mobile version of our service.

Use Vayoo and with just a few minutes per week reviewing prices, you can increase your monthly income

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