VCV for education

Autor: VCV

Digital assessment and testing tool

VCV for education is a homework verification system, that enables teachers and professors to conduct tests with cheating protection (auto proctoring), questionnaires, open questions, and video answers.
Record your lectures, divide them into modules and lessons, and send them to your students in the convenient form of a landing page. Complement the learning process with questions in text or video format and receive feedback or homework in a corresponding manner. Video answers are the best way to assess your students' knowledge in the area of humanities or social sciences. This platform allows for an easy way to manage homework submissions, midterm, and final exams.
VCV for education allows teachers to conduct tests and check them automatically, which makes it more time-wise and thus, less intense during tough exam sessions. Question randomization, auto proctoring as well as frame-by-frame filming allow making the test fair and ethical for all students. 

This application is available in [English_Russian]

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