Vector Center Perception Reality Engine

Autor: Vector Center

Vector Center's Perception Reality Engine™ delivers realtime, decision-grade intelligence on water.

Vector Center is addressing the myriad of water challenges through bringing actionable intelligence and analytics to those that need it most in an easy to use and affordable manner. This entails visualization of the gravity of the situation around the globe, by compiling: reality data, or the physical measures of water availability and quality; perception data, or people's perception of water related issues; and context data, or the on-the-ground conditions that need to be understood for change to be successful. By combining these types of data, companies like Vector Center through its Perception Reality Engine™ can give insights into water risks based on which specific measures can be implemented. Harnessing the power of AI to deliver real-time, decision grade intelligence, this engine running on Microsoft technologies goes beyond human limitations of understanding data and providing contextual analytics through real-time risk intelligence. The solution runs on a SaaS model.

The Perception Reality Engine can:
  • Monitor location vulnerabilities on governance, physical and infrastructure risk 
  • Unite disparate data into a common operating platform 
  • Spot trends, delivers intelligence, analytics, and context for rapid response 
  • Monitor groundwater and compare to plant growth and other indicators to identify and predict supply and demand gaps
  • Give insight into real-time reputational and operational risks

With Vector Center's Perception Reality Engine our customers can:
  • Make sense of a complex water value chain
  • Better understand a fragmented water ecosystem
  • Gain insights into the nascent market of water sustainability
  • Be a part of continuous innovation through a new generation of technologies like AI, blockchain, spatial modeling, and IoT
  • Share data beyond their boundaries and provide local context, especially as thought leaders, academia, researchers, start ups, established players and governments more and more are required to do so

Vector Center empowers local operational leaders and risk officers to C-suite executive teams with the real-time intelligence and foresight they need for data- and context-based decisions.

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