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The Best Way to Collect & Develop Ideas

Viima is the place where people and ideas meet!

Transparent Ideation without Boundaries

Innovation is challenging when people work in different places and at different times. Viima is the place where they can meet and discuss ideas with full transparency.

Unleash the Tacit Knowledge in Your Organization

Every employee is a master of their craft. Everyone has valuable insights and knowledge that is rarely utilized. Unleash that tacit knowledge from everyone in your organization.

Boost Engagement & Commitment

Employees are the most valuable asset you have. Let them impact and help develop your operations and they'll be much more engaged and commited to work for these common goals.

How Does It Work?

  • A new idea is created and is immediately visible for everyone
  • People can comment, like or share ideas to contribute or show support
  • Ideas are transparently and collaboratively developed by the whole organization
  • Decisions and progress are automatically reported for all stakeholders

You can get started with Viima in just a few minutes and it's completely free for up to 50 users!

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