SolSuite CPQ


Advanced Configuration, Pricing, & Integration, delivering rapid, accurate RFQs, Quotes, & Orders

SolSuite™ offers a suite of eBusiness software products to help you evolve your business online. These CPQ solutions give our customers the right mixture of leading-edge technology, self-service admin, and system integration to deliver efficient RFQ-to-Quote-to-Order processing.

Development Portal

Self-service begins with the Development Portal that delivers the ability for you to create and manage Catalog & Configured Products.

  • Product catalogs are generic lists of items. SolSuite’s Product Catalogs have required Attributes that are used in processing and support unlimited Custom Attributes, enabling catalogs to handle your unique products. You design, build, and test catalogs that will help buyers find what they want when they want it.
  • Configured Products are assemblies of components, or Domains. Domains have one or more options, or Values, and each Value has Attributes such as weight and list price. SolSuite’s Product Configurator includes a rules engine that lets you build and test the most complex products.

Sales Portal

The SolSuite Sales Portal is an eCommerce portal for your products. Sales Portals can be custom built or can use a Content Management System to incorporate your company’s informational site, creating a single, consolidated web site for your marketing and sales requirements.


SolSuite RQO takes CPQ to the next level by automating your entire quoting process from beginning to end—RFQ to Quote to Order. RQO integrates with sales support and back-office systems, giving your sales team tools they need for efficient, accurate quoting and your operations a seamless, error-free fulfillment process.

Catalog & Configured Product functionality from the Development Portal and other SolSuite components (e.g., pricing, check out, inventory) deploy into Sales Portal and RQO systems for product selection & management, pricing, and purchase.

Easy Integration with CRM, ERP, pricing, CAD, visualization, business intelligence and other systems in your environment make SolSuite CPQ the solution for best of breed implementations.

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