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Blockchain based Authenticity, Traceability, Provenance and Customer engagement for Brands

Trag is a Blockchain-based Authenticity & Provenance Platform empowering brands to

  1. Provenance and Traceability of Product from Source to Destination (Including ESG details)
  2. Confirm Authenticity using QR, Barcode, RFID, or Smart Label Scan
  3. Engage consumers long-term via new-gen experience including NFTs
  4. Track Carbon Footprint dMRV across value chain

The benefits to brands:
  1. Brand Positioning and Protection - Transparent and Trustful
  2. LongTerm Customer Engagement

Trag platform components include:

  1. Mobile Wallet for Consumers and other actors
  2. Web application and/or API for supply chain actors to record proofs
  3. Dashboard for brands to onboard products and track customer engagement.
  4. Long Term Customer engagement via NFT access token is available as integration with our other platform

Trag aligns with global standards including GS1

Our clients include Leading Distiller, Niche Distillers, Agri Producers, Fashion Brands, and other Sustainability Conscious brands

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