VMPower Iaas Automation & Detection

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Detect oversized VMs, unused disk, automate backup, resize, power on/off with a calendar

VMPower is an all-in-one hybrid IaaS automation and detection platform. With one complete dashboard you can automate VM startup, shutdown, resize and backup with a simple calendar. VMs can be managed across Azure Resource Groups, Azure Subscriptions and even alongside of AWS and Google Cloud VMs.

Shutdown instances based on CPU, network or disk utilization and share VM access with team members without exposing the full Azure dashboard.

The VMPower scheduling engine saves time by skipping automation scripts and visually scheduling actions on any set of VMs.

VMPower Features Include:

  • Schedule VM Shutdown and Startup with a calendar interface
  • Vertically scale VMs by resizing VMs with a calendar interface
  • Manage and schedule VM backups with Azure Blob snapshots and Azure Managed Disk snapshots
  • Utilization-based VM shutdown
  • Unused Azure Managed and Unmanaged disk detection
  • Delegate simple access to VMs without exposing entire Azure dashboard
  • Interoperability with AWS and Google Cloud VMs

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