IoT-TICKET® for Traffic planning

Autor: Wapice Ltd.

IoT and AI based data driven Smart City mobility planning service

Today’s challenges with city mobility

Due to global warming and accelerating urbanization the need to decrease the city carbon footprint towards carbon neutral cities is a key. City mobility and traffic congestion is one key element on this journey, as mobility contributes up to 30% of cities carbon footprint.
Decreasing the number of private cars, encouraging the usage of public and carbon neutral transport are the keys to success. Cities need means to measure carbon footprint of the traffic to follow the development towards the targets and encourage citizens to use environmentally friendly ways to travel in the city.
Utilizing sustainable ways to move around the city has a significant impact on decelerating global warming. Cities are actively developing the city mobility towards greener future by enabling carbon neutral ways to move around the city. The challenge is: There is not enough data available for efficient traffic planning or the data is too scattered. Therefore, it is not easy to know where to focus the investments to have most significant impact on city mobility in terms of decarbonization and safety?

Challenge summary:

  • Climate change calls for rapid changes to decarbonize city mobility
  • The pollution from city traffic has a big impact on people's health
  • Traffic congestion undermines the living comfort
  • Lack of data for data driven traffic planning
  • Even if there is data available, it is often scattered to several systems. The Big Picture isn’t clear.

IoT-TICKET® for Traffic planning: Solution and benefits

Solution: IoT-TICKET® for Traffic planning introduces an easy way for data driven city traffic planning. The service enables analysing the city traffic and people flow in one application. IoT-TICKET® for Traffic planning introduces city mobility digital twin models, which help to harmonize the traffic data from different information sources.


  • Optimize city mobility carbon footprint
    • Invest where it makes a difference
    • Track return on investment
  • Optimize traffic flow
    • Improve city traffic safety
    • Identify safety hazard locations
    • Measure safety improvement impact
    • Improve health and quality of life
  • Data driven traffic planning
    • Visualize and harmonize all data in one application
    • Access history and real-time data
    • Combine different data sources (e.g., weather data)
    • Automate city traffic reporting
  • Enrich traffic data
    • Make traffic data available through open APIs
    • Forecast traffic amounts with machine learning
    • Generate new, synthetic traffic data
    • Connect mobility data to smart city services
  • Cost efficient
    • Utilise existing cameras and infrastructure with high accuracy > 90 %
    • Several measurement points with a single camera

Customer Testimonial:

“The commissioning of the solution was very fast and flexible. The solution is also very cost-effective, as the data provided by the existing infrastructure can be utilized in completely new use cases.”

Smart Cities in general

Today's cities are facing challenges due to accelerating urbanization, tough decarbonization regulations and increasing costs. Meanwhile the cities need to improve the citizen experience to secure citizen happiness.

The city organizations often lack accurate, real-time data to execute data driven leadership to guide their operations in most efficient way towards decarbonization, cost optimization and citizen happiness. Often data is scattered to several systems which makes it challenging to see the big picture clearly.

The objectives of Smart Cities are to improve the quality of life, boost the local economy to make the city attractive for businesses and improve sustainability.

Data driven decision making in today's modern cities is an enabler for sustainable growth considering environmental and economic impacts. We offer market ready IoT, analytics and AI solutions to enable cities to take the leap towards data driven decision making and automation through combining data and analytics into intelligent market ready service offering.

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