Digital Inspection - Oil and Gas

Wipro Ltd

Drone based Digital Inspection for Oil and Gas industry

Industry Challenges
  • Oil and gas companies are facing a critical challenge as the world increasingly shifts towards clean energy transitions.
  • Primary component of Natural gas, Methane unseen by naked eye has global warming potential.
  • Corrosion also a great concern in the oil and natural gas (O&G) industry because it adversely affects infrastructure in exploration, production, processing, and transport.
  • Global Industries leakage loss estimated  with 3.6 trillion     cubic  feet gas per year Annual revenue loss of USD 30 billions across O&G Industry Globally.
  • Environmental, health and safety (EH&S) incidents
Solution Highlights
  • Thermal Infrared  imaging technology Cameras with Drones complete the Inspection.
  • The Video is Streamed to the Cloud Infrastructure
  • Advanced Analytics & Video Analytics is used to analyze these streamed data.
  • In case of any anomalies the required personnel is intimated with an automated voice call or escalated depending on the severity.

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