Wipro Smart Asset Twin

Autor: Wipro Ltd

Virtual representation of physical assets

Wipro’s Smart Asset Twin provides a virtual representation of assets using IoT, Cloud, physics-based simulations, and advanced analytics. The solution leverages Anomaly detection & Statistical models to generate predictive alerts, provide insights about Remaining Useful Life and provide KPIs and charts to provide Insights into the performance aspects of key assets. Automatically creates incidents upon detecting anomalies in the assets being monitored. Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner.

Solution Features:
Real-time Monitoring
Ability to monitor system and asset performance in real-time

Data Integration & Contextualization

Integrate various data sources to provide a holistic view and context

Immersive Visualization

Immersive 3D visualization with easy integration to AR/VR/MR environment

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection for various assets with subcomponent level monitoring

RUL Prediction and Alerts

Calculate remaining useful life using contextual data and schedule maintenance accordingly


Ability to simulate what-if scenarios and baseline asset/system operations

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