Wipro Wastewater Impact Management Solution

Autor: Wipro Ltd

A solution to protect public health & prevent community disruptions with AI powered flood prevention


Protecting the environment, including responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, is fundamental for utility companies. Most of the utility company’s entire operational cycle links directly to the natural environment. It’s how they get water to treat and supply to end users, and they return treated effluent back to the environment, providing flow that is needed to support the ecological health and water quality of streams and rivers. Wastewater is a pollutant with the potential to cause significant environmental harm. Because of this, everyone in the business works hard every day to protect the environment by taking steps to prevent wastewater escaping from utility network. These events most commonly occur from sewer blockages. Sewage-management companies need a cost-effective way to stay ahead of flooding issues, protect public health, and remain compliant with health and safety regulatory requirements.

About this Solution:

Wipro Wastewater Impact Management (previously known as Sewage Monitor Solution), is built on the Microsoft Cloud, is an AI-driven end-to-end sewage-monitoring system that can predict blockages and flooding to help prevent community health hazards and disruptions. It is simple to install and maintain, it features industry approved IoT sensors to better identify high-risk areas.  The solution can help:

  • Better predict high-risk flooding zones based on network, historical trends, weather patterns, and other factors
  • Prevent flooding that can cause health hazards and pollution, so you can operate a sustainable system that protects wildlife and the environment
  • Align with health and safety regulatory requirements and environmental compliance to avoid stiff penalties.

How does it work?

Monitors can operate from –20ºC to 70ºC (–4ºF to 158ºF) and relay data via a secure NB-IoT platform. By capturing and storing data on the Microsoft Cloud, the system learns where blockages haveoccurred and how weather affects system levels. Leveraging this data and AI-driven insights, organizations can better predict how sewer systems will respond to adverse events.

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