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Platform for collaboration and planning to bring employees back to work post pandemic

A system driven, fast adopted process ensures workplace safety and compliance through Wipro’s Health COVER solution powered by Wipro Smart i-Connect™. Using the Health COVER app helps you manage the employees for scheduling and health assessments. With easy and mobile communications, hassle free forms and easy to follow social distancing ways; enabled with the latest technology, reinitiating the employees into the workspace becomes seamless and quick. Solution benefits:


For Employees – A mobile app for getting frequent updates on the Covid-19 guidelines, nearby Point of interests (POI) , Frequent check and self-declaration on the health status, Access control to the campus ,Desk Booking & transport booking.


For Admins – The Admin portal to track Employees access, Employee health as well as employee movement inside the campus. Facility planning & sanitization scheduling.


Benefits to Employee & Organization

  • Trailing of employee Health & movement in campus
  • Increased ratio in employees returning to work
  • Improved communication collaboration
  • Enhance employee safety.
  • Touchless entry with screening
  • Reduced time for employee on boarding journey
  • Improve data visibility to support effective decision making and transparency
  • Provides accurate information to facility managers, up-to-date view of how the meeting rooms are being utilized.
  • Optimize workspace seating capacities to ensure safe social distancing

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