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Play, interact and educate! Make learning engaging and fun.

Wittario brings movement, fun and engagement into learning. We want to contribute building a learning environment that is both active and fun. By combining technology and pedagogy, you can create your own learning experiences that others can enjoy, or use our ready-made learning content. Under the vision engaging learning, Wittario has developed a GPS and AR (Augmented Reality) based learning platform. Schools and businesses increase learning and engagement by using Wittario. The platform facilitates creating engaging learning through movement and gamification.

Since you can create your own games and tasks, Wittario can fit any topic. You can create quizzes and tasks that the players solve during the game, or use available learning games from our game library.

School teachers can use Wittario before, during and after a lesson. Managers and HR employees can use Wittario during the entire employee journey. For more information on usage, see

How to use the Wittario Teams app
With this app, you can more easily manage and use Wittario in the teams and channels you work in on a daily basis. A teacher can be the gamemaster for his or her students in the teams that both teachers and students use daily. The same applies to departments, groups and teams in companies. It is easier for a gamemaster to keep track of the games when this can be done per team, but also at the same time have the overall overview. When the Wittario app is added to a channel in a team, everyone with access to that channel will get the overview they need. A gamemaster can create and launch games in Wittario Hub. In addition, it can be added directly to specific games so that the game master can follow the progress in detail as they can in the Wittario Manager portal. When the Wittario app is opened outside a team, you will get an overview of your own dashboard, games you have available or played, as well as games you manage if you are the game master. You can also see details about the organization you are affiliated with.

The Wittario game app
Wittario games can be played on the Wittario game app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play. Players can enter a code and start playing in order to get on the leaderboard. They can choose to play unregistered, but those who register will get to see their played games, score and rank. Players can view task locations on the in-app map, learn additional content and answer any task in the app. Just search for 'Wittario' in your respective app store.

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