Wrench SmartProject


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Project Management Information System for Engineering and Construction Industry

Wrench SmartProject is an intelligent cloud-based platform for Owners, PMC, Consultants, and Contractors to collaborate, plan, monitor, and control the lifecycle of their projects. Ensure quality and provide real-time status of the project health parameters such as schedule, progress, cost, safety, risk, and resources to proactively take necessary corrective actions. Wrench SmartProject takes complete control over drawings, documents, schedules, budgets, resources, risk, and quality across a project’s engineering, procurement, and construction phases.

You can carry out the following operations using the WRENCH Application.

• Send Documents and Task to different resources

• Add documents and images

• Attach comments

• Download and View Comments

• Link and refer documents to tasks

• Update the progress of a task

• Search and download documents

• Search and retrieve tasks

The following options are available in the main screen.

Task: When this option is pressed list of task smart folders available in the device is displayed.

Document: When this option is pressed list of document smart folders available in the device is displayed.

Search: When this option is pressed Search window is displayed. Documents or Tasks can be searched from this window.

Settings: On pressing this option settings screen is displayed.

Help: When this option is pressed the support page of the application is displayed. You can obtain help in carrying out different operations from this page.

Work as One: Press this option to launch WRENCH SmartProject support portal.

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