Xceed365 Human Capital Management

Autor: Xceed365 Limited

A Unified Talent & Workforce Management Software Platform that Provides a Single Source of HR Truth

At Xceed365, we believe that when employees are engaged, organizations can innovate and thrive. Yet employee engagement is at an all-time low and this is costing companies billions of dollars. Fragmented employee data can make HR management a tangled mess leading to - Poor or inefficient employee appraisals - Payroll mistakes - Pressure on HR to be more responsive to the business - High employee attrition - Risky compliance problems - Slow decision making - HR practices being locked up in somebody’s head with little or no documentation. We saw this frustration and that’s why we created Xceed365, an integrated HR solution that provides a single source of truth so organizations can more effectively recruit, develop, measure, compensate, and retain their talent.

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