Puzzle - Clientele Solution

Autor: Yeger Tek DMCC

A Personal Touch To Bland Communication

What Is Puzzle Clienteling
Unravel the puzzle around customer experience. Ensure a VIP experience Instore, and Offline.

Puzzle, our proprietary Clienteling solution, enables your sales associates to offer a truly unmatched customer experience. By leveraging the power of data and smart insights, your sales associates will always be one-step ahead of the customer in each interaction, whilst ensuring the same high level of experience along the journey.
A variety of data points are available for view with just a finger swipe in our comprehensive, and customizable, dashboards. Before each visit, understand your customer’s previous purchase history, product preferences and sizing, along with preferred communication channels.

Through the power of machine learning and data mining, sit in auto-pilot mode as Puzzle seamlessly provides “smart suggestions” and empowers your sales team to make the right product pitch.

For a truly VIP experience, leverage Puzzle’s customer scheduling features to set the stage and environment for your brand’s loyal ambassadors. Have your client’s warm cappuccino ready minutes before they enter your store, for a tailored experience that truly enhances your brand equity.

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