Ynomia Connected Jobsite (MS Marketplace)

Autor: Ynomia Pty Ltd

Accurate, reliable and automated construction data in real-time.

Power your construction jobsite with Ynomia IoT Platform Solution

Ynomia offers an effortless end-to-end technology solution to enable connected jobsites, enabling to locate people, materials, plant and equipment converting worksites into digital warehouses. Ynomia’s solution reduces the time and costs of searching, awaiting, and verifying for key information, by bringing real-time location of critical high-value building materials from entry to the installation location. 

Ynomia's connected sensor network transforms the traditional construction processes, giving construction companies the ability to harness real-time process data to build faster and safer. By creating a single source of real-time truth for the construction supply chain, Ynomia minimises manual labour-intensive tasks such as material progress tracking and program status.

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