Plano360 SMART Retail Category Management Platform

Autor: Yodiwo

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Space planning, planogram creation & audit, retail analytics, assortment optimisation and more

Increase SALES and SAVE LABOR TIME for your retail chain by at least 50% through:

    • Demand-driven & space-driven planogram creation and implementation,
    • Planogram remote audit,
    • Replenishment & reallocation optimization,
    • Sales/Revenue/Profit Heat Maps,
    • AI-powered SKU forecast per store/warehouse,
    • Efficient use of info-points,
    • Space personalized marketing.

Other achieved KPIs :

  • Increase grade B product sales by more than 10%
  • Increase the space efficiency by more than 12% and the overall stores efficiency by 37%.
  • Decrease internal (stores to headquarter) complaints by 53%

Main features:

  • Creating the digital twins of the stores
  • Creating planograms & realograms
  • Collaborative planogram execution
  • Asset & Team Management – task & ticket monitoring, team KPIs, reporting, etc.
  • e-label & info-point management
  • Planogram compliance & performance analytics
  • Space planning performance KPIs
  • Integration with 3rd party corporate back-office systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, CPRM)
  • Easily integrates with most Microsoft tools, such as Dynamics 365
  • Demand generation for AI-powered SKU forecast per store/warehouse
  • Promo evaluation and optimization
  • Definition of promotional space

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