YodiFEM - Sustainability management from energy to workplace intelligence

Autor: Yodiwo

Smart facility management with a focus on energy optimisation, operational efficiency and well-being

YodiFEM is an integrated Facility and Energy Management Platform that processes real-time data from devices and systems, predicts deviations from targets, generates reports, enables building automation, validates bills, and manages corrective actions.

Beyond automation and big data management, Yodiwo offers complete IoT systems able to track and assess complex ESG KPIs on an all-in-one cloud-based platform using cutting-edge AI and ML.

With open API for any type of integration, YodiFEM provides its users with flexible and scalable solutions to take their organization’s sustainability strategies to the next level.

It offers modular packages:

  • For fully Energy Optimized Environments:

      • 24/7 consumption monitoring based on AI and ML.
      • Drill down energy data analysis and control.

      • IoT-based Quality Management Software (I-QMS) for continual improvement.

  • For Integrated Workplace Management:

      • Advanced desk& meeting room booking, combined with employees’ mobile App.
      • Digitized task and asset management with higher efficiency and lower costs.

      • Dynamic shift management and automated hours registration.

  • For Optimal Space Conditions: digitalized environmental quality control.

View the digital twin of any facility and cater to all environmental and workplace operations from a single pane of glass. YodiFEM allows its users to centrally store, manage and correlate all data.

Create fully digitalized organizations that are dynamically adaptable to their occupants’ overlapping and rapidly changing needs for environmentally and socially ethical spaces.

Financial Benefits

  • Energy savings: 10% - $20Κ/1000m2 annually
  • CO2 emission reduction: 12 tones CO2 / 1000m2 annually
  • Quality Management Overhead Reduction: $30Κ per organization annually
  • Facility Management Overhead Reduction: $5K / 1000m2 annually
  • Productivity Improvement

Operating Benefits

  • Streamlines Corporate Energy & Environmental Continual Improvement Processes: ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 14064
  • Improves Energy Footprint
  • Increases Productivity
  • Essential for ESG rating

From Energy Monitoring to automated EPC Contracts to ISO management (ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and ISO 14064), organizations gain a 360-degree view of their energy consumption and carbon footprint, while seamlessly managing all their ISO-related processes and KPIs.

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