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Zafin Cloud

Zafin, a global fintech innovation leader, empowers banks of all sizes to center their customers, grow relationships and drive revenues.  
Zafin’s cloud-native SaaS product and pricing management platform separates product and pricing from core processing to accelerate progressive modernization, enable digital transformation and deliver personalization at the relationship level.  Financial institutions and their customers benefit from customer-centric experiences, dynamic pricing strategies and Open Banking capabilities.  

Financial institutions on the Zafin platform innovate freely and serve fully, executing product and pricing strategies in half the time while delivering market-leading value propositions that recognize and reward customers for the full extent of their financial relationships.  A typical Zafin installation increases product and pricing efficiency and agility, drives interest and non-interest income, and delivers a positive ROI—often in one year or less.

Zafin’s SaaS platform provides transformative solutions for a fast-changing banking industry. Our scalable platform offers: 
  • Core modernization: Externalize product and pricing from core systems to accelerate digital transformation 
  • Relationship pricing: Create compelling relationship packages and rewards 
  • Product information management: Facilitate customer-centric journeys with dynamic product and pricing down to a segment of one while strengthening product governance 
  • Quote-to-cash: Automate the execution of corporate and commercial pricing arrangements, from quote to cash 
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