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The SaaS version includes real-time data to allow you to explore and test our platform for 30 days

Enterprises are searching for a bigger, faster, and affordable data platform that works. So, what’s the way forward for business decision-makers who want a single, real-time view of all the data in an accurate and governed way? The answer is the Zetaris Networked Data Platform, an advanced analytical processing engine designed to unlock your hardest data problems by joining and querying distributed data sources in real-time.

Built on open-source technology, Zetaris is integrated with cutting edge analytical query optimiser technologies, and security frameworks, all to bring you:

  • Lightning-fast performance: Query optimization to manage compute, performance, and cost. Reduce cloud costs by 50%+ and query response times by 10x
  • Easy connectivity: Connect, integrate, and query to a wide variety of data sources (Cloud data lakes, operational systems, ERP systems, heritage data warehouses, APIs) in real-time at the same time.
  • Federated Computational Governance: Enterprise-grade security, fine-grained access control, encryption, and masking. Active metadata management for continuous classification of sensitive data.
  • Scale and span: Implement a Data Fabric that you can trust and is secure, fast, and scalable. Build data products that can scale and span across multiple data universes at speed.
  • Connect and performance optimize: Your data lakes for deeper analytics.
  • Accelerate innovation: Using our data science and discovery lab reveals your entire universe of data for discovery, exploration, modelling, analytics, and prototyping.
  • Cloud Migration: A Smarter way to migrate your legacy systems to the cloud. Precision data migration to the cloud, audit & reconcile and move data when you are ready whilst maintaining business continuity.

With a strong solution verticalization in healthcare, financial services and telco, Zetaris can deliver projects 3x faster and reduce maintenance 10x with specialized industry knowledge.

Why Zetaris?

Data can be your biggest asset to enable you to make fast decisions based on accurate, timely and trusted information. Unfortunately for most organisations, this scenario is not the reality. Complex data pipelines are developed to copy data from one place to another to bring data together. Big Data projects fail due to:

  • Data projects take too long and are costly
  • Migration to the cloud is slow and error-prone
  • Cloud costs are spiralling because of duplication
  • Data security is high risk
  • Data quality is broken
  • Multi-location - No single view of data landscape

All the issues can be resolved at once with our solution. By enabling easy access for business users to critical data - we put your data analysts and business owners in control of the data necessary for critical improvement. Zetaris for Azure can be easily connected with various Microsoft products including PowerBI, Azure Purview, Azure Machine Learning for you to seamlessly design the end-to-end flow in your favour.

Founded in 2013, this next-generation enterprise database and analytics platform built by Zetaris’ highly experienced data scientists and developers is trusted by thousands of users connected to hundreds of thousands of data sources to solve millions of customers’ data problems worldwide.

What to expect?

Zetaris SaaS offers a 30-day free trial. Your instance will be automatically turned off post trial and you won’t be charged. If you want to set up a production version, please contact us directly at An account executive will be assigned to you as a primary point of contact to answer any questions.

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