Zoho Books

Autor: Zoho Corporation Private Limited

Zoho Books is a powerful accounting platform designed to manage your business finances completely.

Zoho Books is end-to-end online accounting software. You can record, audit, and analyze all financial transactions easily. With secure data storage, easy navigation and customizable features, Zoho Books provides you a head start in accounting for your business. With Zoho Books, you can:

1. Add your customers and vendors, keep track of your items and create transactions for them
Add or import all your contacts and items, and associate taxes to them. You can also keep track of your items with the advance inventory tracking feature. With the items you've added, create a wide range of transactions for the customers and vendors.

2. Skip manual data entry and automate bank reconciliation
With the easy to use banking module, you can import your bank statements or set up automatic bank feeds and reconcile the transactions in your Zoho Books organization with your bank transactions.

3. Manage multiple projects in one place and bill the hours to clients
Create and keep track of all the projects that you're working on for your clients, and bill them for the hours that you worked on. You can also keep track of the time spent on each project with the timesheets module.

4. Set up custom workflows and automate business processes
Customize and automate the daily tasks that you perform with the automation and workflow rules. Create customization based on your personalized business needs.

5. Stay tax compliant and generate accurate tax returns
Keeping track of your taxes and the process of filing might be challenging. With Zoho Books, you can now stay on top of your taxes with just bare minimum tax knowledge.

6. Collaborate with your colleagues easily
You can now collaborate with your Zoho Books users regarding your transaction and records, and create and assign tasks for the users in your organization.

7. Run financial reports to understand your business performance
There are 60+ intuitive financial reports that you can use to understand your business health and performance. Also, you can customize these reports to gain insights into every aspect of your business finance.

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