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Zoho Sprints is an online agile project management for scrum teams.

Zoho Sprints is a simple-to-use agile project management tool that works with Office 365 to help scrum teams plan and track tasks seamlessly. It also helps people discuss, collaborate and iterate their products to perfection.

With this integration, Single Sign-on users can log into their Zoho Sprints account using their Office 365 credentials. You can also add tasks to your Outlook tasks and events to your Calendar directly from within Zoho Sprints. Users from Office 365 can also be imported to your Zoho Sprints account.

Here are some key capabilities of the app:
  • Backlog Management: Plan and track your work by creating stories, tasks, bugs or using your own custom work item types. Add new work items to your Outlook tasks without leaving your Sprints account. ,
  • Scrum Board: Customize your work statuses and drag-and-drop work items, stories, and bugs into different completion stages. Sort your work items into swimlanes based on priority, story, or estimation points, and track the progress of any ongoing sprint using sprint activity graphs.
  • Reports: A range of reports are generated automatically by Zoho Sprints, including velocity charts, burnup, and burndown charts, and cumulative flow diagrams, allowing users to track progress, identify bottlenecks and adjust goals.
  • Feed : Get status updates about your project activity and encourage discussion among your teammates using Feed.
  • Meetings: Schedule agile meetings like sprint reviews, retrospectives, and daily stand-ups. Reminders are automatically generated and sent to participants’ activity feeds and emails. Keep track of upcoming meetings by adding them to your Outlook Calendar.

Zoho Sprints offers 2 paid plans, Standard and Premium with 5 and 10 users respectively. There also exists a free plan with 3 users and 2 projects. You can check for our pricing plans.

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