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Continia Payment Management 365 (DK)

Continia Software

5.0 (1)

Ensure great quality and provide high security throughout the entire payment process.

Do you find reducing payment costs important? Is manual handling of payment files taking too much time? Do you want to increase your company security level and eliminate the risk of error?

Managing payments can turn out to be a costly process for your company as paying vendors can often be combined with unnecessary costs such as; paying too late and facing payment fees, time spent on correcting errors, missing out on payment discounts, spending resources handling file import and export to and from the bank, and so forth. Resources that could instead have been spent strengthening and developing your business.

Using the Payment Management 365 app, you will get a more stable payment flow as generation and validation of payment information is offered throughout the entire payment process. A wide range of payment methods and payment identification definitions are automatically set up when using the extension. Using the Direct Communication module, all payments, status files and account statements will automatically be transferred to and from the bank, meaning that the time-consuming and unsecure process of manually handling file export and import to the bank will be eliminated.

Features and benefits using this app:

  • Direct bank communication.

  • Full integration is offered for a wide range of bank formats.

  • Help creating bank accounts and vendor payment information.

  • Advanced setup of payment journals.

  • Payments to several banks from one payment journal.

  • And much more…

Click the Trial button and start improving your payment workflow. With this extension, paying your vendors has never been easier!

Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries: Continia Payment Management 365 is available in Denmark.