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Amicis Lifestyle | Food & Beverage

Amicis Solutions

Intuitive, Effortless, User-friendly Menu, Recipe and Check Management Solution

Amicis Lifestyle | Food & Beverage

Amicis Lifestyle is a one-of-a-kind solution built on the powerful Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations platform that empowers food and beverage, hospitality, retail and recreation companies to get up and running in no time with centralized menu, recipe and check management capabilities. From the back office to the front of the house, experience effortless set-up and configuration, central management and an intuitive, user-friendly, straightforward interface for staff.

Stop wasting time programming individual POS menu buttons. Amicis Lifestyle significantly reduces configuration and set up effort with a menu hierarchy that categorizes offerings into multiple tiers and automatically populates menu button grids from any level. New POS users will get up to speed quickly to serve customers, modify orders, create product kits and combos, provide important product information, split checks and more with Amicis Lifestyle.


Centralized menu, recipe and check management within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for service providers, food and beverage, travel and leisure, country clubs, salons, fitness centers, spas, hospitality companies and more.

Dynamic POS Menus

  • Centralized configuration with automated screen layout that automatically populates POS menu button grids
  • Conversational ordering workflow displays every function at just the right time on one screen
  • Manage by menu hierarchy, multi-level categories and sub-categories, assortments and availability, top sellers and other attributes
  • Works with all types of products (standard product, service item, kit/combo, bill of materials, etc.)
  • Tailor POS menus to just what you want to be shown
  • User-friendly interface with multi-page options and the ability to customize colors for categories

Check Management

  • Split checks by item or customer, or split checks evenly or manually while accepting multiple payment types
  • Single screen functionality with full visibility to all checks; make payments to all split checks right from the same screen
  • Drag and drop gestures
  • Recall check operation to transfer checks from one server to another

Menu Management

  • Centralized management of recipes, ingredients, kits, combos, substitutions and modifiers
  • Conversational ordering workflow
  • Customize orders with ingredients and modifiers; clearly visible in extended receipt grid
  • Easily make modifications and substitutions within kits, combos and recipes
  • Track inventory at the recipe and ingredient levels
  • Manage the default starting menu for individual POS registers