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Click2Clone - Copy/Clone Dynamics 365 Records


5.0 (4)

Copy/Clone Dynamics 365 CRM records with deep links in single click with Click2Clone

Copy/Clone duplicate Dynamics 365 records along with relationships with Click2Clone. Avoid repetitive data entry by copying an existing record along with its related records. Deep clone records for hierarchal relationships. Add Prefix/Suffix to the cloned records to create unique names. Copy/Clone records of commonly used OOB and custom entities.

Click2Clone is available for Microsoft Dynamics 2013 and above. The Deployment models it supports are On-Premises, Partner-Hosted and Online beginning CRM 2013.


  • Supported Entities: Click2Clone offers the cloning for both systems as well as custom entities like Quote, Order, Invoice, etc.
  • Configurable: Easy to configure templates to be used for copying. Ability to choose the fields and relationships to be copied over.
  • Related Records: Allows carrying over related records from 1:N and N:N relationships.
  • Automation: Clone the records and do the needful updates in the cloned record with the help of workflow.
  • Bulk Copy: Ability to clone multiple records in a single instance.
  • Set References: Store the references of source record on the cloned record and vice versa.
  • Copy from one entity to another entity record: Allows to copy the details from one entity record to another entity record along with child records.
  • Get Records: Copy relationships from Source to Target record of the same entity for existing records.