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Sales Management for Manufacturing Industries

Intech Systems Pvt Ltd.

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A CRM solution for manufacturing organizations to add value to their sales operations

A CRM solution for manufacturing organizations to add value to their sales operations The manufacturing industry is becoming customer-centric. Sales Management for Manufacturing comes with the essential manufacturing features that can add value for the manufacturing organizations by anticipating customer demands and meeting them quickly and efficiently. It is important to keep a track of what your sales team is up to. Tracking their performance and progress on potential leads and customers is essential. In Sales for a Manufacturing solution, a salesperson can maintain and track inquiries and proposal along with sample management, which help them to have healthy collaboration with the customer and analyze the data quickly. This also brings visibility to the sales manager and management of the running inquiries and negotiation on the proposal of the customer as well as GST calculation based on source and supply location of the material. Along with that, the solution will help to maintain track of the design of the product. With Sales Management for Manufacturing solution, you will get: • Accurate demand forecasting • Visibility into inventory and warehouse • Efficient customer service • Ease of preparing quotes and proposals