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Tracebook People

The Triple A Company

Find colleagues and other people across departments, locations and hierarchy

Quickly move through our stylish refinement panel to find your colleagues and their contact details. Through a beautiful GUI this information is now available for your organization. The app is based on a SharePoint picture library and can be customized by the administrators if requested.


- Easily find your colleagues

- Easily find information about your colleagues

- Easily choose data columns to be used in the refinement panel

- Easily choose data columns to display in the details pane

- Add new columns and use those in refinement panel or details pane

Tracebook People is created by Triple A. Triple A is a Microsoft Gold Partner, specialized in delivering SharePoint Quality. Designing, developing, testing and consolidating software is something we do on a daily basis. We feel honored that our expertise for application development, has been rewarded by Microsoft with a silver status. For more information please visit www.triplea.net or contact us at sales@triplea.net.