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Solution for managing property rentals of all sorts

This app may be installed on an Office 365 “For Business” site or any SharePoint installation that is running SharePoint 2013 with Access Services turned on.

RentEasy is a simple but highly efficient and effective solution for managing property rentals of all sorts. Whether you are a property owner or you are managing the properties for yourself or other people or you have a small hotel that you need to manage, RentEasy has all the features to help you manage your property rentals.

Manage Property Rentals in 7 easy steps.

RentEasy is simple to maneuver and anyone can start using it right away. You start by defining your company, currencies, properties, and property owners and then get right to booking properties for renters, adding Extra charges to renters’ accounts. Receive and record payments from renters in various currencies, and pay and record company or property related expenses. Plenty of reports to choose from, and a dashboard that shows you your rental operations at a glance.

The app has an intuitive interface, you can use buttons for navigating the app or a left text menu. The app includes all the reports needed for you to manage your or your client’s property bookings/rentals, income, and expenses.