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Social search engine to get instant answers and referrals from your colleagues

In our knowledge economy, knowledge spreads fast. Being successful in your work depends on the speed of finding and applying knowledge. You will be amazed how much knowledge is available in your organisation. But, how do you quickly find who speaks Portuguese or knows Visual Basic?

Much of this type of knowledge is still undisclosed. In the mean time, you are reinventing the wheel or looking for expertise outside of your organisation. What if you could search through the heads of your collegues? Wouldn't that be smart? That's where we came up with AskApp.

The knowledge process

AskApp is a Q&A platform for Microsoft SharePoint and takes care of rapid knowledge sharing throughout your organisation. This is how it works:

1. Ask your question on AskApp

... and AskApp will do a targeted search among your collegues. Within little time you will have relevant answers.

2. AskApp learns who knows what and uses this information

By using a smart algorithm AskApp knows who knows what in your organisation. In this way expertise profiles are being built and AskApp is able to target your questions more and more.

3. Build a knowledgebase

Fully automatic, a knowledgebase is built. By using the knowedge of your collegues, your will be more succesful!

(*) For SharePoint Online, there is also a subscription based version available.