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HyperTeam Phonebook

HyperTeam USA Business and IT Consulting Inc.

3.0 (1)

Store up to 5000 internal and external Contacts

- Find contacts quickly with the easy to use search bar

- Search contacts by using a variety of attributes (Name, Company, Title, etc.)

- Easily filter results to perform advanced searches

- Contact cards summarize important contact information

- Click on contact cards to view more detailed information about your contacts

- Instantly send emails with one click on the email address

- Instantly make calls with one click on the phone or mobile number

- Administrators can add, edit, or delete profiles

- Contact information can be loaded from SharePoint Profiles

- Contacts can be quickly exported to Excel

- Tablet and mobile friendly

Does your company have unique needs or customization requests for the HyperTeam Phonebook? No problem! Give us a call at (888) 466-0710 or email us at info@hyperteam.com for further assistance!