Wordeep Grammar Corrections & Proofreading for Outlook


Wordeep is a realtime grammar check and proofreading service.

Automatic real-time English text correction.

Wordeep will automatically correct your grammar and spelling mistakes. Use our grammar checker to improve your writing and polish your texts. Wordeep is an artificial intelligence add-in that helps you improve your writing directly within Outlook.

It is more than a spelling or punctuation correction:

* It catches x3 times more errors than other tools.

* All data is secured, without human intervention.

For any feedback or support, please write to us on our website.

For Safari web users: In order to log-in, please disable "Prevent cross-site tracking" in Safari.

We provide a limited free-trial. After the free-trial ends, a paid subscription is required.

Wordeep - Better Writing Through Artificial Intelligence - https://wordeep.com

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