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Add fully dynamic and nicely formatted comments to your Power BI report.

The main goal of a Power BI report is to make it easy for the end-user to understand the shown numbers. The problem is, that not every end-user is used to read tables and charts and also it might be hard to see the main message of a report. With the HTML Text Styler visual, you can solve this problem by adding fully dynamic and formatted text to the report. 

With the HTML Text Styler, you can create dynamic text strings using DAX and combine them with the most common HTML formatting options

Some of the features are:

  • font size, bold, underline, italic, align etc.
  • add colored background to parts of the text to highlight what's important
  • make your comment scroll over the screen
  • add hyperlinks
  • add mouse-over tooltips within the text
  • add tables to the text
  • do much more and we’re excited to see what you are using it for

All this can be made dynamic because you can also add Measures to the visual!

The free version of the visual has a limit on the number of characters which can be shown and the formatting options of the visual are not available. To have access to the full functionality of the visual and to show an unlimited number of characters, a license needs to be purchased. There is a free trial license that allows you to use the PRO version of the visual for a limited time.

Are you missing something in the visual? Is something not working as expected? Do you need help with your DAX or HTML code?

Simply get in touch with and we’ll help you out.

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