CyberMDX MDefend

CyberMDX Technologies Inc.

Secure, manage and optimize your healthcare devices and assets

CyberMDX provides HDOs (health care delivery organizations aka hospitals) a cybersecurity solution that identifies, categorizes, and protects connected healthcare devices - a huge blindspot in every network. Up to 50% of the endpoints in a typical modern hospital are the connected medical and IoT devices — the most critical, yet unmanaged and vulnerable assets of the organization. With CyberMDX’s network-based, agentless solution, an HDO can get, in a single pane of glass, a continuous endpoint inventory, comprehensive risk assessment, AI-powered threat detection & response, and operational analytics. With CyberMDX Hospital CISOs, CIOs and Clinical Engineering Managers can ensure cyber resiliency as well as patient safety and data privacy. Product Features: (a) Auto-discovery and classification of network-connected medical devices, IoT and clinical assets; (b) Risk assessment for each device; (c) Visibility into device network profile, behavior, and baseline; (d) Alerts on deviations from baseline activity; (e) Alerts on the detection of malicious activity; (f) Attack prevention via integration with NAC systems and firewalls; (g) Automatic and configurable reports; (h) A push of alerts to SIEM systems; (i) Operational analytics; (j) Integrations with CMDB and CMMS systems;