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Reveal(x) for Azure

ExtraHop Networks, Inc.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure brings network traffic analytics to enterprise cloud deployments.

Enterprise-Grade Security for the Enterprise Cloud

ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure extends industry-leading network traffic analytics to the cloud and back. Integrating with Azure presents a fundamentally new way of analyzing every digital interaction occurring on the network while providing unprecedented visibility, rapid insights, and simple workflows to secure the hybrid enterprise. Machine learning and behavioral analytics identify threat patterns with fidelity to keep cloud security teams focused on the most immediate risks.

- Unprecedented Visibility: ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure detects everything happening in your environment, including unreported instances, delivering complete real-time insights at cloud scale.

- Definitive Insights: ExtraHop Reveal(x) for Azure offers the most objective source of information about your hybrid environment. With machine learning applied to over 4600 wire data metrics, cloud security teams can frame the problem and mitigate with confidence.

- Immediate Answers: Automated and accelerated investigation integrates with your enterprise tools. Pivot from a reactive remediation process to a proactive, analytics-first detection process.


- Protocol visibility: No one else analyzes and extracts features from more than 50 protocols (at all, let alone at speed). Go beyond flow logs that provide limited visibility into app payloads.

- Decryption: No one else does decryption (at all, let alone at wire speed). No one else decrypts SSL (especially with PFS deployments) in real time, out of band, to maintain visibility without losing the security of per-session encryption.

- Auto-discovery of critical assets: No one else combines automated discovery and asset classification with full application payload analysis, cloud-based ML, anomaly detection, and critical-asset focus for high-fidelity, low volume, trustworthy alerts and zero false positives.

- Integrated forensics: No one else integrates packet capture with analytics in real time to give you 1-click access to the exact packets needed for resolution within a unified UI.