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GIEOM Validator


GIEOM validator is a AI powered document verification system which uses Computer Vision & ML

  • With GIEOM Validator, organizations can reduce inefficiencies in processing document verification by more than 90%.
  • Speed of verification significantly improves the turnaround time to process new application form resulting in superior customer service, lower back office staff requirement, lower outsourcing cost.
  • Higher customer acquisition translates to higher revenues.
  • The product helps to discourage fraudulent account creations and hence reduce losses.
  • Organizations can move staffs involved in document verification to more value-added tasks.
  • GIEOM Validator has very recently gone live for Axis Bank in India.

Experience world class cutting edge AI technology:

GIEOM Validator uses smart Artificial Intelligent innovation technologies like ICR, OCR & Computer vision (CV) combined with Machine Learning.

It is one of the only systems which has integrated capability to classify & cross validate government IDs and documents.

Realise your maximum business potential:

GIEOM Validator is an enterprise application that can operate at scale and process 1000s of document per hour.

The AI engine is designed to handle a wide set of issues that are faced with document processing such as orientation correction, differences in ink colour such as blue ink/black ink, difference in scan resolutions from 100 DPI upwards, anomalies in filled application such as company seals, stickers, stray ink marks.

The system can do a form completeness check, auto identify standard KYC and supporting document, extract information from these documents and apply validation rules to verify their authenticity.

GIEOM Validator uses an optimal mix of Computer Vision, ML (Machine Learning) & ICR/OCR to do all of the above.